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Shanghai Na Long Tech Co., Ltd

Categories and Products

Redispersible Polymer Powder

Set Retarder

Thickener & Workability Improver

Hardening Accelerating Admixture

Lightweight Filler And Reactive Admixture

Engineering Fiber

Superplasticizer For Dry Mortar And Concrete

Deforming Agent

Pigment And Colorant

Concrete Auxiliary Product

Hydrophobic Agent

Expansion And Shrinkage Reducing Agent

Waterborne Polyurethane Product

Products Keywords
Pp FiberVae PowderCsa BinderCsa CementRdp PowderGlass FiberSilica FumeSteel Fiberset retarderli2co3 powerStarch EtherLi2CO3 PowderTartaric Acid2K PU HardenerRheology AgentPigment PowderConcrete FiberDefoamer AgentCement Pigmentcement retarderExpansion AgentGypsum Retardermortar retarderLiquid DefoamerMetakaolin UsesDeformer LiquidSilicone PowderPU Curing AgentCellulose EtherDeforming Agentexpansive agentCalcium FormatePowder DefoamerAntifoam PowderTitanium DioxideSodium Gluconateset acceleratorsConcrete PigmentPowder ThickenerWhite Powder RDPEntraining AgentDemoulding Agentliquid thickenerMortar AdmixtureLoose Steel FiberRDP for C1/C2 CTACement AdmixturesThickening PowderAntifoam DefoamerHps Starch EthersHydrophobic AgentEngineering FiberLithium CarbonateMineral ThickenerPumping Aid AgentWhite Silica FumeGlued Steel FiberRheology ModifierRheology AdditivesConcrete Admixtureretarder admixtureConcrete AdditivesIron Oxide PigmentPolyether DefoamerSilica Fume PowderAntifoaming AgentsMold Release AgentsMould Release AgentSlump Retention PCEPolypropylene FiberHigh Rate ThickenerFlexible VAE PowderFast Setting CementMetakaolin PozzolanIndustrial DefoamerOil Based DefoamersCSA Expansive AgentFlexible Rdp PowderIndustry Grade HPMCCellulose Ether HPMCPowder Form DeformerExpanded VermiculiteWater Reducing AgentPowder Tartaric Acidpaint pigment powderHpmc Cellulose Ethercolor pigment powderCalcium Formate Usesmetakaolin admixturetartaric acid powderRapid Setting CementZinc Stearate PowderExpansive CSA CementAir Entraining Agentrapid set csa cementRDP for Tile AdhesivePP Fiber for ConcretePolycarboxylate EtherWater Retention AgentHPMC Construction UseHigh SuperplasticizerAntifoam And DefoamerSilica Fume AdmixtureCalcium Formate PowerPUD Waterpoof Coatingwater-based defoamersConstruction Chemicalaccelerator admixtureDefoamer Agent PowderConcrete Mold Releaseconcrete set retarderConcrete Floor SealerShort Cut Glass FiberThickener For MineralConcrete Water ReducerHooked End Steel FiberSuper Fine Silica FumeChemical Additive HPMCMethyl Ether CelluloseCalcium LignosulfonateConcrete Color PigmentLithium Carbonate UsesStarch Ether AdditivesBuilding Material HPMCPowder Deforming AgentExfoliated VermiculiteMortar Defoamer PowderConcrete Fiber AdditiveRutile Titanium DioxideCement SuperplasticizerQuick Setting AdmixtureConcrete Oxide PigmentsLiquid SuperplasticizerVae Emulsion Powder RdpPCE Liquid for ConcreteCalcium Stearate PowderSilica Fume Microsilicaconcrete pigment powderFast-setting CSA CementHigh Activity MetakaolinPowder Lithium CarbonateConcrete Releasing AgentMetakaolin for Car PaintShrinkage Reducing AgentLithium Carbonate Li2co3Lithium Carbonate PowderMicrosilica for ConcreteWaterborne PU DispersionAir Entraining AdmixtureSteel Fiber for ConcreteTitanium Dioxide PigmentQuality Titanium DioxidePure Grade Tartaric AcidChemical Cellulose EtherHigh Reactive MetakaolinRedispersible Powder UsesIron Oxide Pigment PowderHMDI Based Polyisocyanatebest concrete acceleratorConcrete Sealing HardenerFiberglass Chopped StrandSulphate Aluminium CementLayer Silicates ThickenerChemicals Cellulose EtherWhite Pigment for CoatingConcrete Hardening SealerTwo Component PU HardenerPolyurethane Curing AgentSM Based SuperplasticizerCAS 87-69-4 Tartaric Acidcellulose ether thickenerWater Reducing AdmixturesLow Price Cellulose EtherModified Cellulose EthersPaint Use Titanium DioxideAntislip for Tile AdhesiveHydroxypropyl Starch EtherSuperplasticizer AdmixtureHydroxyprolyl Starch EtherChopped Strand Glass FiberExpansion Agent for CementConcrete Shrinkage Reducer98% Purity Calcium FormateHPMC for Wall Putty PowderExcellent Workability HPMCConcrete Auxiliary ProductRedispersible Latex PowderHigh Reactivity MetakaolinRapid-hardening CSA CementCementing Antifoaming AgentSilica Fume And MicrosilicaNatural Iron Oxide PigmentsOrganic Bentonite Thickenerpremier concrete admixturesstarch ether for dry mortarbasf construction chemicalsConcrete Hardener AdmixtureCement Mortar Additive HPMCFlake Type SuperplasticizerPolyisocyanate Curing AgentFine Powder Calcium FormateGlass Fiber Chopped StrandsLow Price Lithium CarbonateConcrete Form Release AgentShrinkage Reducing AdmixtureLoose Hooked End Steel FiberConcrete Hardener And SealerGlued Hooked End Steel FiberHydrophobic Agent for MortarDry Mortar Additive Solutionpolycarboxylate ether powderPU for Waterproofing CoatingEngineering PP Chopped FiberRedispersible Polymer Powderslump retention for concreteBest Price Lithium CarbonateVAE Powder for Tile AdhesiveWater-borne Demoulding AgentVAE Powder for Self-levelingMineral Processing ThickenerCAS 544-17-2 Calcium FormateConstruction Cellulose EtherFlexible VAE Powder for EIFSExpansion Agent for ConcreteFilament Polypropylene FiberMicrosilica for Concrete UseAlkali Resistant Glass FiberConcrete Sealed Curing AgentGlass Fiber for Cement Mortaruse of metakaolin in concreteRedispersible Emulsion PowderCalcium Lignosulphonate PowerOil Based Mould Release AgentHPMC for Construction Coatingcalcium sulfoaluminate cementConcrete Air Entraining AgentHigh Purity Lithium CarbonatePCE Powder Concrete AdmixtureRheology Modifiers ThickenersDemoulding Agent for ConcreteSuperplasticizer for ConcreteStarch Ether For ConstructionLow Viscosity Cellulose EtherPolyisocyanate Based HardenerCement Additive Material HPMCLithium Based Concrete SealerOne Component PU Baking PaintRetarder for Cement and GypsumTitanium Dioxide Paint Pigmentdegussa construction chemicalsFeed Additives Calcium FormateSilica Fume Powder in ConcreteMortar Additives Chemical HPMCWater Repellent for Tile GroutLow Cost Water Repellent AgentHydroxypropyl Methyl CelluloseZinc Stearate for Lotus EffectRDP for Construction AdditivesTitanium Dioxide Rutile PowderTartaric Acid Industrial GradeCement Addictive Material HPMCConcrete Accelerator Admixtureconcrete plasticizers productsHigh Water Reducing PCE LiquidConstruction Material SolutionsConcrete Demoulding Agent PriceStarch Ether for Dry Mix MortarVae Powder for Dry Mixed MortarQuality Rutile Titanium DioxideWater Based Mould Release AgentBattery Grade Lithium CarbonateAqueous Polyurethane DispersionMold Release Agent for ConcreteConcrete Densifier And Hardenerpolypropylene fiber in concretePCE Superplasticizer for Mortareffect of retarders in concretePowder Form SM SuperplasticizerMelamine Based SuperplasticizerPozzolanic Material Silica FumeLow Cost Sodium LignosulphonateAlkaline Resistance Glass FiberSulpho Aluminum Expansive AgentRapid Concrete Hardening SealerPP Short Cut Fiber for ConcretePolycarboxylate SuperplasticizeRdp Redispersible Polymer PowderWaterborne Polyurethane HardenerThixotropic Thickener for MortarExfoliated Vermiculite Below 3mmSulfonated Melamine FormaldehydeVae Redispersible Polymer Powdermonofilament polypropylene fiberWater Reducing Agent In Concretewater repellent admixture mortarFlexible Polymer Powder for EIFSMedian Viscosity Cellulose EtherIndustrial Grade Calcium Formateconcrete waterproofing admixtureRedispersible Polymer Powder VaeBlocked Aliphatic PolyisocyanatePolycarboxylate SuperplasticizerPolypropylene Fiber for ConcreteDeformer Chemical Foaming AgentsLithium Carbonate CAS 12627-14-4High Effective Hydrophobic AgentShort Cut Glass Fiber for GypsumCalcium Formate Industrial Gradeiron oxide pigments for concreteDefoamer Powder for Cement MortarWhite Powder HPMC Cellulose EtherPolycarboxylate Ether Base LiquidTartaric Acid for Gypsum RetarderAir Entraining Agents In ConcreteCalcium Stearate for Lotus EffectTartaric Acid with Fine ParticlesEmulsified Oil Mold Release AgentPCE Superplasticizer for ConcreteRedispersible Polymer Powder UsesTartaric Acid for Cement RetarderSteel Fiber for Concrete FlooringRedispersible Emulsion Powder RdpGlass Fiber Modified Gypsum BoardMultifilament Polypropylene FiberPP Fiber for Concrete and PlasterHigh Quality HPMC Cellulose EtherCellulose Ether for Tile AdhesiveIndustrial Grade Lithium CarbonateRedispersible Latex Powder Rdp VaeSilicone Powder for HydrophobicityRedispersible Emulsion Powder UsesConcrete Floor Hardener and SealerAR Glass Fiber with Various LengthExfoliated Vermiculite In ConcreteRdp for Cement Based Tile Adhesivefiber reinforced concrete vs rebarRapid Hardening Concrete AdmixtureHigh Quality Polycarboxylate EtherPolycarboxylate Ether Base LliquidConcrete or Mortar Defoaming AgentFood Additive Powder Tartaric AcidRetarding Partner for Stable SlumpFine Tartaric Acid with AnticakingHydrophobic Powder for Lotus EffectHPMC Building Grade Cellulose EtherHigh Reactive Metakaolin for MortarConcrete Sealer for Floor HardeningIndustry Grade Chemical Powder HPMCExfoliated Vermiculite for ConcreteHexemethylene Diisocyanate HardenerHigh Viscosity Cellulose Ether HPMCstainless steel fibers for concreteHPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl CelluloseHooked End Steel Fiber for ConcreteCross-linker for Waterborne CoatingSteel Fiber with Good DispersibilityNon-shrink Grout CSA Expansive AgentWater Reducer Calcium LignosulfonateHigh Water Reducing SuperplasticizerSodium Lignosulphonate CAS 8061-54-6Powder Deformer for Construction Useadditives and admixtures in concreteCalcium Formate Used In ConstructionHydrophilic Aliphatic PolyisocyanateHydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose EtherCross Linking Agent for Flat CoatingStarch Ether Improve the WorkabilityConcrete Demoulding Dilution for UseRedispersible Polymer Powder MeaningConcrete Hardening and Sealing AgentSMF Sulfonated Melamine FormaldehydeSulfonated Melamine SuperplasticizerCalcium Lignosulphonate CAS 8061-52-7Flexible Redispersible Polymer PowderOne-component Polyurethane DispersionExcellent Deformer for Self-levellingLiquid Hardener Concrete for ConcreteMetakaolin for Petrochemical IndustryEarly Strength Accelerator for CementVAE Powder for Self-leveling CompoundPCE Powder for Self-leveling Compound98% Industrial Grade Sodium GluconateSilica Fume Densified Or UnidentifiedHigh Reactive Metakaolin for ConcreteCAS 8061-52-7 Calcium LignosulphonatePCE Polycarboxylate Ether Base LiquidFine Retarder for Fast Setting SystemLow Cost Hydrophobic Agent for MortarCross-linking Agent for Waterborne PUConcrete Hooked End Loose Steel FiberCellulose Ether for Plaster and PuttyDeformer Chemical Cementing AdditivesCuring Agent for Baking Coating SystemPU Based on Hexamethylene DiisocyanateHigh Flexible Polymer Powder for ETICSPolycarboxylate Based SuperplasticizerSilicone Powder to Reduct Water UptakeSteel Fiber for Concrete ReinforcementConstruction Chemicals Cellulose EtherCalcium Lignosulfonate Cement AdditiveGlass Fiber / Fiberglass ReinforcementHigh Water Retardation Cellulose EtherHardening Sealer for Concrete FlooringHPMC Cellulose Ether for Tile AdhesiveExpansion Cement for Grouting CompoundPolycarboxylate Ether SuperplasticizerSuperfine Reactive Pozzolanic MaterialHigh Purity Tartaric Acid For RetarderCSA Cement with Shrinkage CompensationPure Tartaric Acid for Cement RetarderIndustrial Grade Calcium LignosulfonateSodium Gluconate for Concrete AdmixtureGlass Fiber Chopped Strand for ConcreteRedispersible Polymer Powder Rdp PowderLightweight Filler for Fireproof MortarWaterproof Redispersible Polymer PowderFast Setting and Shrinkage CompensationHot Sale Hydroxypropyl Methyl CelluloseCellulose Ether for C1/C2 Tile AdhesiveTitanium Dioxide for Construction PaintSuperplasticizer Admixture For ConcreteLithium Silicate Based Sealing HardenerWell-controlled Quality Titanium DioxideMedian to High Viscosity Cellulose EtherCuring Agent for Waterborne Wood CoatingConcrete Admixture Polycarboxylate EtherAlkaline Free Chopped Strand Glass FiberSuperfine Reactive Pozzollanic AdmixtureHDMI for Waterborne Polyurethane CoatingWaterborne 2K Polyurethane Coating SystemTitanium Dioxide with Good WeatherabilityPCE Powder Superplasticizers for ConcreteRedispersible Polymer Powder for ConcreteEmulsified Oil Based for Concrete Demouldeffect of polypropylene fiber in concreteSM Superplasticizer for Cement and GypsumRapid-hardening Sulphate Aluminium CementTitanium Dioxide for Construction CoatingSilicone Powder for Less Water AbsorptionConcrete Admixture Calcium LignosulfonateHigh Quality Redispersible Polymer PowderCellulose Ether with High Water RetentionVae Redispersible Emulsion Polymer PowderProfessional Redispersible Polymer PowderGlass Fiber Reinforced Fiber Cement BoardChemical Vae Redispersible Polymer PowderCellulose for High Standard Tile AdhesiveCuring Agent for Two-component PU CoatingLignosulphonate for Well Cementing SlurryExpansive Agent for Shrinkage CompensationQuality Calcium Formate for Early StrengthHAC Alternative for Self-leveling CompoundHardener for Waterborne Industrial CoatingCellulose Ether for Self-leveling CompoundEffective Retarder for Cement and ConcreteLow Price Redispersible Polymer Powder RdpVinyl Acetate/Ethylene Copolymer for ETICSVae Redispersible Polymer Powder Rdp PowderExpanded Vermiculite for Thermal InsulationHigh Effective Powder Form SuperplasticizerStandard Grade Redispersible Polymer PowderDeformer Chemical Cementing Auxiliary AgentRedispersible Polymer Powder for IndustrialLignosuphoate Superplasticizer for ConcreteTitanium Dioxide with High Titanium ContentHigh Effective Hydrophobic Agent for MortarRedispersible Polymer Emulsion Latex PowderGlued Steel Fiber for Concrete ReinforcementEarly Strength Improvement for Tile AdhesivePolycarboxylic Ether Based SuperplasticizersTechnology Support for Construction MaterialHardener to Improve Flexibility and AdhesionRapid Setting Cement for Fast-setting MortarChemical Additives for Construction MaterialAlkali Resistant Glass Fiber Chopped StrandsHigh Performance Concrete Mold Release AgentPolycarboxylate Superplasticizer Ether PowderHydrophilic Aliphatic Polyisocyanate HardenerHooked Steel Fiber for Concrete ReinforcementLithium Carbonate for Self-levelling CompoundExpanded Vermiculite for Lightweight ConcretePolycarboxylate Superplasticizer for ConcretePowder Polycarboxylate Ether SuperplasticizerCalcium Lignosulphonate for Concrete AdmixtureRetarder adjustment for Self-leveling compoundWater Reducing Admixture Polycarboxylate EtherElatomeric Polyurethane Waterproofing MaterialImproved Strength Redispersible Polymer PowderWater Reducer Sulfonated Melamine FormaldehydeRapid Hardening Calcium Sulphoaluminate CementChemical Powder Hydroxypropyl Methyl CelluloseIndustrial High Viscosity Cellulose Ether HPMCChopped Polypropylene Fiber with Various LengthCement Concrete Additives Polycarboxylate EtherConstruction Grade Redispersible Polymer PowderConcrete Floor Sealer Concrete Protective AgentVae Redispersible Polymer Emulsion Latex PowderHydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose with High QualityCalcium Sulfoaluminate Cement with Rapid-SettingLightweight Filler for Thermal Insulation MortarHigh Viscosity HPMC Construction Cellulose EtherDensified or Undensified Microsilica for ConcreteSlump Retention PCE Superplasticizer for ConcretePowder PCE Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer EtherRetarder to Maintain Flowability of Self-levelingAnatase Titanium Dioxide for Construction CoatingVinyl Acetate/Ethylene Copolymer for Tile AdhesivePowder Form Polycarboxylate Ether SuperplasticizerPCE Water Reducer Polycarboxylate SuperplasticizerMicrosilica in Concrete Densified and Unidentified

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